Our Founders

Ifa Alif
Chief Executive Officer

Technology enthusiast who has been participating in the startup world since 2013. Has the ability to analyze problems and implement the solutions.

Hamdi Musaad
Chief Technology Officer

Has been in love with the world of web since 2011. Experienced in completing various web or mobile development projects. Creator of the Content Management System “Nagasasari”

Emil Enan
Chief Creative Officer

Photography and videography enthusiast and also has been studying UI/UX for more than 5 years.

Chief Marketing Officer

Technology and startup enthusiast as well as community activist. Co-founder of Visio Incubator: experienced Startup Incubator with more than 20 founders.

Ica Atarita
Chief International Growth

Has background in accounting but has interest in business and startup. Experienced in working at several multinational startups and worked at one of Vietnam’s startups in Vietnam. Enjoy travelling the world.

UI/UX Designer

WPAP enthusiast and experienced for more than 6 years in UI/UX.

Wim Sonevel
Android/iOS Developer

Mobile technology enthusiast. Has the ability as Android or IOS developer. Has already been accomplished various mobile app technology projects.

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